3D Printed Nightguard & Occlusal Guards

Protect your teeth from damage

Many people grind or clench their teeth at night. While stress and anxiety can play a role in night grinding, missing or crooked teeth, an abnormal bite, or a sleep disorder like sleep apnea often lead to it. 

Teeth grinding can damage your teeth and bring pain to your jaw joints. If you’re struggling with this issue, Dr. Samadian may recommend occlusal guards. They are mouth guards that can protect your teeth and save you from serious oral health complications down the road.

3D Printed Nightguard & Occlusal Guards Orinda

What are the 3D Printed Nightguard & Occlusal Guards?

Occlusal guards are removable mouthguards that fit over the teeth and are prescribed to patients who suffer from bruxism or teeth grinding. While they come in varying degrees of thickness and can be made of hard acrylic or soft materials, they are all intended to protect the teeth from damage by keeping them separated. 

Reasons for the 3D Printed Nightguard & Occlusal Guards

Medications aren’t typically effective for teeth grinding, so Dr. Amin Samadain may suggest occlusal guards instead. He may also recommend these mouth guards for TMJ, bite pain and dysfunction, or after you’ve completed a full mouth reconstruction or BOTOX treatment for Bruxism or Myofascial pain. Nightguards are also extremely useful when you have veneers in your mouth.

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What do the 3D Printed Nightguard & Occlusal Guards involve?

Dr. Samadian and his team of experts will work with you to establish a plan of action for your specific needs. If you decide to move forward with occlusal guards, you can expect Dr. Amin Samadain to take a digital scan of your teeth. This will allow him to provide you with a guard that is custom-tailored to your unique teeth and mouth created in the practice’s in-house lab. Once your guard is ready, he’ll educate you on how to wear it. Each guard is specifically designed to put your teeth and jaw in the optimum comfortable position

Are 3D Printed Nightguards and Occlusal Guards painful?

At first, you may experience some discomfort with an occlusal guard in your mouth. However, once your teeth and mouth get used to it, the discomfort will fade and you may even forget that you have the guard in your mouth. 

What results will I see?

If you wear your occlusal guard as instructed by Dr. Amin Samadian, you’ll be able to protect your teeth from the damage that bruxism often causes. Depending on the severity of the case, teeth grinding and clenching can make your muscles sore. Dr. Samadian offers BOTOX for these conditions that can complement the effects of the night guard.

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