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Although bite alignment and wear control are crucial, they are often overlooked. If you have a misaligned bite, you may face a number of problems such as broken or cracked teeth, headache and jaw pain, bruxism or tooth grinding and clenching

Misalignment of your bite can also cause pain in temporomandibular joints. The good news is that bite reconstruction, or bite therapy, by Dr. Amin Samadian can help you achieve a healthy bite and reduce your risk of oral complications in the future.

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What is bite reconstruction?

The main goal of a bite reconstruction is to remove all of the old dentistry and replace it while finding you a comfortable bite and bring the facial height and the relationship of the teeth in a balanced and atraumatic way. It may include occlusal equilibration which means reshaping the biting surfaces of the teeth and eliminating spots of excessive pressures where the teeth are brought into contact.

In addition, bite reconstruction may involve bite splint therapy using a custom-fitted and adjusted plastic bite guards, braces and clear aligners like Invisalign to reposition mal-aligned or drifted teeth, the replacement of old, worn out, or damaged fillings and crowns, and/or reconstruction of badly worn and damaged teeth with porcelain crowns and veneers.

Reasons for bite reconstruction

One of the main reasons for bite reconstruction is to bring back the number of teeth that have been lost due to wear, erosion, attrition, etc. As a result, patients may develop problems like a deep bite, short teeth, chipped and broken teeth, etc. A lot of times, patients are not aware of the tooth wear because of a natural recompensation mechanism that our body has called “supra eruption”; this means that when the teeth are worn down, the body tries to compensate that by erupting the teeth further to reach the opposing teeth again. As a result, the teeth wear down from the top but keep erupting from the bottom. So, although patients might not notice any change in the bite, the teeth become shorter and shorter, which brings the remaining biting surface of the tooth closer to the nerve. This phenomenon is critical to understand because doing bite reconstruction on time will prevent many extra procedures such as crown lengthening and root canals.  Dr. Samadian and his team of experts will use advanced diagnosis techniques to determine if a bite reconstruction is best for you. If you have a poorly aligned bite, Dr. Amin Samadian may recommend bite reconstruction.

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What does bite reconstruction involve?

Depending on the case, Dr. Samadian uses different methods. If there are shifts in the bite due to excessive wear and original malalignment of the teeth, Dr. Amin Samadian first will correct your bite using clear aligners and other orthodontic techniques and then we will use porcelain crown and veneers to restore the amount of tooth that has been lost. In the process, he will show you the before and after results and you can clearly see how your smile will look like. Bite reconstruction prevents gum recession, tooth wear, bite discrepancies, TMJ issues, and has a perk of cosmetic enhancement since it will bring your teeth back to when the teeth were in a perfect situation. 

Added to the main process, Dr. Samadian will provide bone and gum regeneration with a specific LASER under LANAP technique so that he can perform a minimally-invasive procedure that does not involve cutting or stitches. With this laser, Dr. Samadian also regenerates the gums and bone around the worn-out teeth. 

Is bite reconstruction painful?

Since Dr. Amin Samadain uses the most advanced techniques and technologies during bite reconstruction, you can enjoy a comfortable treatment as well as a speedy recovery. Most of his work is done in a single session because we’re equipped with our in-house dental lab.

What results will I see?

Bite therapy can help you achieve a balanced bite, improve the function of your jaw, relieve TMJ symptoms, maximize comfort, and create a beautiful smile.

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