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Oral health is important not only for maintaining an attractive smile and a healthy mouth but also for the rest of the body. Various studies have linked poor oral hygiene to complications in the body – which makes the search for a Berkeley dentist crucial for people in the area. Dr. Amin Samadian is a highly experienced dentist who owns a dental clinic in Orinda. Patients throughout San Francisco Bay are welcomed to visit Dr. Samadian’s Dental Clinic in Orinda to obtain the dental care services that they need to have a healthy mouth and a great smile, whether this includes a simple check-up, perhaps coupled with a thorough cleaning of the individual’s teeth, or a more advanced procedure, like undergoing bite reconstruction or perhaps gum treatment for existing conditions that put the patient at risk of complications like tooth loss. A continuation of care is what Dr. Samadian offers each of the patients who come to his dental clinic in seeks of professional dentistry services. All staff members who are involved in the dental clinic are compassionate and completely understands the fact that many patients may fear to go to the dentist’s office. At the same time, Dr. Samadian believes in providing each and every patient with the highest level of care possible – this way, the patient can walk out of his office satisfied with the services they received, and with a healthier mouth than they had when they first walked into his dental clinic. Prevention is the preferred method of treatment at Dr. Samadian’s office. This is why the doctor prefers patients frequently stop by for an examination of their mouth. When conditions like gum disease and tooth decay are detected at an early stage, then preventative measures can be implemented to help prevent further progression of the condition, and help to restore the damage that might have already been suffered possibly. Patients are also advised to understand that all of their dental needs can be cared for and provided at one location – which is the dental clinic run by Dr. Amin Samadian in Orinda. Patients are able to make an appointment for an initial consultation to get their entire mouth analyzed by Dr. Samadian and then decide if they would like to continue with adequate treatment to address any particular issues that are found during this examination. As part of his offerings to patients, Dr. Samadian is also the founder of a healthcare model called Dion Health. This program allows patients to gain access to dental services that ensure they can have a healthy mouth – including teeth and gums – at affordable prices that most people can afford.

Berkeley Family Dentistry

A regular check-up at a dentist is crucial for everyone, which is why Dr. Samadian is a preferred family dentist in San Francisco Bay. Whether the patient is looking for Berkeley dental care or such services in any related area, the single office of Dr. Samadian, in Orinda, caters toward patients in all surrounding regions. Family dentistry includes services like gum treatment, crowns, treatment for TMJ & pain, and other dentistry procedures that help to correct any issues that the patient has, as well as serve as a preventative strategy to avoid complications from developing. Patients should ensure they visit Dr. Samadian’s approximately two times every year. During the visit, the dentist will be able to conduct a thorough examination of the patient’s teeth. During the examination, the dentist looks at every tooth. The patient is also asked if they experience any symptoms – such as sensitivity, pain, and tenderness. This all helps Dr. Samadian understand the current state of the individual’s oral health. This process is not only important for adults but also for children. Similar to adults, it is generally advised that children also see the dentist at least every six months. In children, dental health plays a crucial role, and the maintenance of oral hygiene is just as important. When issues with the dental health of a child are detected early, then the dentist can initiate the right preventative treatment strategies. This can help to avoid future problems with misaligned tooth and gum disease that a child may be at risk at if their tooth decay and other dental issues are not attended to at a young age. Dr. Samadian can assist patients with a variety of services as part of his family dentistry offerings. These services include:

  • Gum treatment
  • Sam day crown CEREC
  • No prep veneers
  • Bite reconstruction
  • Smile reconstruction and smile rejuvenation
  • Tooth alignment correction
  • Professional dental cleanings and tooth color correction

Each patient is unique, which is why each family member should have their own consultation with Dr. Samadian. Appropriate recommendations will then be made to help the individual understand how frequently they should have an appointment to assist in the maintenance of their oral hygiene. When any treatments are required to address existing problems or preventative measures need to be implemented, Dr. Samadian will provide the patient with recommendations and advise on the best treatment plan for their condition.

Berkeley Dental Implants

Apart from standard family dentistry and regular check-ups, Dr. Samadian also specializes in advanced dentistry, including services like dental implants. For those in search of Berkeley cosmetic dentistry services, a trip over to Orinda will offer the patient access to affordable implantations of replacement teeth. Dental implant procedures are relatively straightforward, and Dr. Samadian works carefully to ensure the patient feels relaxed and comfortable during the entire procedure. Since not every person with missing teeth is ideal candidates for dental implants, an examination of the patient is required before a decision can be made. The patient is offered a free initial consultation with Dr. Samadian, ensuring they can first see what the dentist can do for them before committing to any type of treatment plan. Each missing tooth needs to be examined closely, and surrounding gum tissue needs to be considered as well. Existing conditions like gum disease are known to make it harder for patients to undergo dental implant procedures, which is why certain issues sometimes need to be addressed through a treatment plan before any implants can be provided to the patient. During an initial consultation at Dr. Samadian, a patient who requires dental implantation will undergo a dental X-ray procedure. This is important, as the images that are displayed following the X-rays will give Dr. Samadian a better idea of what is going on in the patient’s mouth – including how much bone and gum tissue might have been lost along with the tooth. When the dentist has a better idea of the patient’s condition, he can suggest procedures like gum treatment to help improve the well-being of the patient’s gums. This can help to provide a better structure for replacement teeth that will, later on, be added to the patient’s mouth. The first step to a dental implant at Dr. Samadian’s dental clinic would be to ensure a post is implanted into the area where the patient has a missing tooth. The post is made from synthetic materials and will form the base for the replacement tooth. Once healed, Dr. Samadian can proceed to drill into the post and then add the replacement tooth. Since the dentist utilizes the latest technologies advancements, including XGuide, during the process of dental implantations, there is a much lower risk of complications occurring. Dental implants may also form part of packages that the dentist compiles for a patient. When a person requires smile rejuvenation or bite reconstruction, a dental implant procedure may sometimes be included to replace missing teeth. This can go a long way in restoring a better and more attractive smile in a patient that has a tooth or two missing in areas that have an impact on their smile. A dental implant also contributes to improved bite alignment and chewing, which is an important part of the digestive process. For cutting-edge and advanced dentistry services in Berkeley and the rest of the San Francisco Bay area, Dr. Samadian is the preferred option that over 3,000 people go to. Whether you are in need of a simple check-up and a thorough cleaning of your teeth or need access to procedures like a restoration of your smile or a realignment of your teeth, Dr. Samadian offers all the services you may need in one single dental clinic, located in Orinda. Contact Dr. Samadian’s dental offices today to book your free consultation.

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I could not recommend Dr. Samadian more – AND all of his staff, at that! No longer will I mind or be afraid of going to the dentist.


Very informative, patient and sensitive to your needs. Very focused, and desires to ensure it’s done properly the first time.

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