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Missing teeth cause gaps in a patient’s smile, while misalignments further reduce the cosmetic appeal that a smile poses. This can greatly affect a patient – not only on an emotional level but also to a physical extent. Teeth and overall bite alignment have a major role to play in a patient’s ability to chew their food properly. Individuals with a bite misalignment may also experience issues such as jaw-related pain symptoms, along with speech problems. While there are individual procedures that can be performed to fix specific issues that are interfering with a patient’s smile, Dr. Amin Samadian’s complete smile rejuvenation program allows for all problems to be fixed with a single treatment plan.

Benefits Of Complete Smile Rejuvenation

The complete smile rejuvenation package by Dr. Amin Samadian offers a comprehensive examination of the patient’s mouth, along with the compilation of a detailed treatment plan. This type of package has a number of advantages that a patient should consider, especially when compared to having each of the issues that are causing imperfections in their smile to be treated separately. Let’s consider a few of the most important benefits of Dr. Amin Samadian’s complete smile rejuvenation package:

  • A detailed examination is taken of the patient’s mouth in order to determine exactly why their smile has imperfections. This does not only take into account gaps caused by lost teeth, but also other factors, such as misalignments.
  • The patient is provided a complete plan that will correct all of the issues that they are facing, instead of having to undergo multiple treatment procedures in order to correct their smile and restore their confidence.
  • The cost is ultimately lower when all treatments are included in a single plan compared to opting for multiple procedures that are included in separate treatment plans.
  • The patient can walk out of Dr. Samadian’s office with a confident smile that has no missing gaps or teeth that are not aligned correctly.
  • The patient will gain a significant boost in their confidence – it is well-known that a beautiful smile results in more confidence.
  • While one of the major benefits is related to the cosmetic appeal provided by a complete smile rejuvenation, it is important also to consider the fact that the procedures often implement also corrects a patient’s bite alignment. This, in turn, helps with chewing and other functions of the mouth.
  • Some patients may qualify for the same day procedure, which means they can come in with their imperfect smile and walk out of the dentist’s office with a restored smile by the end of the day. This is a significant advantage that a lot of patients take advantage of – and a service not offered by many dentists in the area.


What Is Included With Complete Smile Rejuvenation?

The specific procedures and services that will be included with a complete smile rejuvenation service depend from one patient to the next patient. This is because the issues faced with a smile varies between patients – each patient has a unique mouth, of course. Thus, Dr. Samadian will first need to do a detailed examination to know exactly why the patient’s smile is not perfect. This will assist him in knowing what type of procedures and treatments will be needed to help restore the confident smile that the patient desires. Some of the services that may be included in a complete smile rejuvenation package:

  • The use of crowns and veneers to help fill gaps that are caused by broken teeth.
  • The implantation of replacement teeth, along with a post, in order to replace teeth that have been completely lost.
  • The use of minimally invasive procedures to assist in realigning the patient’s teeth.
  • A thorough cleaning of the patient’s teeth may also be needed in order to remove any discolorations and stains that have developed on their teeth.
  • In some cases, gum reshaping and contouring may also be recommended to improve the overall appearance of the patient’s teeth and smile.


How Dr. Amin Samadian Can Assist With A Complete Smile Rejuvenation

The first step to being taken by a patient who is interested in Dr. Amin Samadian’s complete smile rejuvenation process is to book a consultation. Dr. Samadian needs to take a closer look at the condition of the patient’s smile at the moment to determine what he will need to do to correct their smile and teeth alignment. The dentist may need to use X-rays during this process. Dr. Samadian’s office is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that can also help to provide a 3D rendering of the patient’s current smile structure. The dentist will then explain to the patient the issues that they are currently facing and use the software and technology that has been installed in his office to provide the patient with an overview of how their smile will look after undergoing a complete smile rejuvenation process. In the case where the patient is happy with what they see on the display unit, the dentist will advise them to book an appointment and provide them with information on the estimated number of sessions it would take to achieve the results. Some patients may qualify for the same day procedure, but in some cases, such as when dental implants are needed, the process may take longer.

Book A Free Consultation For A Complete Smile Rejuvenation With Dr. Amin Samadian

Dr. Amin Samadian understands how unpleasant an imperfect smile can be for a patient and believes everyone deserves access to the dentistry services that can provide them with a more confident smile. This is why Dr. Samadian offers an initial free consultation to his patients, allowing the patient to come in and obtain further details on how he can assist them with a complete smile rejuvenation procedure. Patients interested in the complete smile rejuvenation program by Dr. Amin Samadian should get in touch with his dental office to book their consultation. The patient will be able to make an appointment for the actual procedure should they be satisfied with the recommendations provided by Dr. Samadian during their consultation.

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