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Technology is evolving quickly, and every industry is taking advantage. The dental industry is one excellent example of how technology is advancing how dentists are performing several types of procedures – and dental implants are one particular area of interest. Several navigation systems have been developed in order to help improve the precision of dental implants, leading to faster turnaround times for these procedures and, of course, more satisfied patients. If you are looking for dental implants in San Francisco Bay area, then look no further – in this guide, we’ll take a look at how Dr. Amin Samadian is able to provide professional dental implantation services.

Why Patients Need Dental Implants

More than 3,000 patients in the San Francisco Bay area come to Dr. Amin Samadian for a variety of dental-related needs, including dental implants. Dental implants have become a popular option for patients to replace missing teeth in their mouth, ultimately leading to a more attractive smile – something that can not only improve appearance but also help to provide the patient with a boost in their confidence. Dr. Amin Samadian’s office is equipped with the latest technology to analyze whether each patient is a candidate for a dental implantation procedure, as well as how the procedure should be done for the best results. The most common reason for dental implants would be missing teeth in the patient’s mouth. There are, however, cases where dental implants may be recommended to a patient if any of their existing teeth that are still present causes them discomfort, pain, and other complications. In these cases, the dentist would recommend the existing teeth be pulled and that an appropriate procedure is put into action to assist in replacing the tooth with a dental implant.

Advancements In Technologies Used To Assist With Dental Implants?

Navigation systems are built into most modern cars and can easily be accessed on mobile devices. We rely on these systems often as much as every day to help us get from point A to point B. Now, the dental industry has been provided with navigation systems too – dentists are able to use certain types of software and technologies that help guide them to provide patients with a more accurate and precise dental implant. Many navigation systems have been developed in the past and dentists are increasingly turning toward these advancements in dentistry to make their patients happier. XGuide is considered one of the most popular options at the moment. XGuide is a technology that was developed to act as a navigation system for dentists – think of this as the GPS system in your car, but instead of guiding you to a specific location, XGuide helps to guide your dentist to the specific position in your mouth where a drill should be placed, where cuts should be made, and where a replacement tooth should be implanted. XGuide is both a piece of technology and a software solution that uses the latest in technological advancements within the dentistry industry, as well as “smart” coding techniques, to provide a 3D overview of the patient’s mouth to the dentist. In addition to displaying a complete overview of the patient’s mouth in real-time, the dentist is also provided precision points for any type of procedure that needs to be conducted within the patient’s mouth. Unlike many alternative navigation systems that are available to dentists, XGuide does not offer the dentist still images. Instead, everything happens live – and this gives the dentist the ability to accurately track and monitor what they are doing, all the time. Dr. Amin Samadian, as part of his goal to provide patients access to the latest and most innovative technological advancements in the dentistry industry, has equipped his office with XGuide technology. Patients who come to Dr. Samadian will be provided with guided dental implantation services to assure the accurate placement of their replacement teeth, as well as to offer a significant reduction in the risk of complications developing during the procedure.

How Can Navigation Systems Benefit Dental Implants?

There is quite a large list of benefits that navigation systems, a relatively new invention in the dentistry industry, has for patients. Compared to freehand drilling and dental implantation, such systems can provide more accurate placement of both the materials used to fill the jaw, as well as the replacement tooth itself. With dental implant guided technologies and navigation systems, the dentist will start by accurately scanning the patient’s mouth. The software will render a complete 3D model, which is then used as a “map” for this navigation system. The system then points out the best location for drilling to be conducted – and once the dentist enters the drill into the mouth of the patient, a live guidance system immediately shows up on the screen. What this essentially means is that when the drill is out of sight, the dentist will still be able to view exactly where the drill is in the patient’s mouth with the help of the software. Let’s take a look at a few other benefits that dental implant navigation technology can offer a patient, as well as the dentist performing the dental implant procedure:

  • The system will tell the dentist how deep to drill. This can avoid potentially drilling too deep, which is a problem that sometimes occurs with freehand drilling. It also avoids shallow drilling, which may require further drilling at a later date due to inappropriate space for planning material to provide a foundation for the replacement tooth that will later be placed in the area.
  • The accurate guidance provided by the system helps to avoid the dentist from drilling into locations that will lead to skew placement of the dental implant.
  • Less time is spent in the chair, which can be very beneficial for patients who have a fear of dentists.
  • In many cases, the use of an option such as XGuide technology can provide a dentist with the ability to offer their patients same-day procedures. Scanning, planning, and implementation of the appropriate material to replace missing bone in the region where the tooth needs to be planted can sometimes be done on the very same day. This does not only reduce the effort and time taken from the dentist’s schedule but ultimately saves the patient a lot of time and money as well.


How Effective Is Dental Implant Navigation Technologies?

Only a few navigation systems available to dentists have been effectively studied through scientific research to assess their accuracy during dental implantation procedures – and XGuide is, fortunately, one of these. The good thing here is that XGuide was proven to produce effective and positive results when it comes to improving the accuracy of the dental implant procedure, as well as elevating patient satisfaction following the procedure. One study compared the efficiency of XGuide technology’s 3D and 2D systems to freehand drilling and dental implantation. The findings were as follow:

  • Compared to freehand, using the XGuide 3D Angular Accuracy system is 11 times more accurate and effective.
  • Compared to freehand, using the XGuide 2D Lateral Positional Accuracy system is eight times more accurate and effective.

What this ultimately means for the patient is that the risk of complications is significantly reduced. When drilling is done in such an accurate way, they are at a lower risk of the dentist drilling into the incorrect position, drilling too deep, or causing them injury. The system will accurately detect any issues – and will even be able to adjust the planning that was done during the procedure should any problems arise. This is also a significant advantage over many of the other navigation systems, as a complete redo of the planning process is often required when a dentist runs into a complication while performing a dental implant procedure.


While there are numerous navigation systems that dentists can rely on to assist in the placement of dental implants, XGuide has outperformed the majority of competitor technologies and is one of the few options out there with evidence of its effectiveness. Patients who undergo dental implantation with the assistance of XGuide tend to be much happier with the placement of their replacement teeth and feel more confident with the look of their new smile. Dr. Amin Samadian has years’ of experience in dental implantation surgery and uses state-of-the-art technology, including the XGuide platform, to ensure precision and accuracy during ever implant he performs. For more details on how Dr. Amin Samadian can help you and to book your appointment, simply give his office a call.



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