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Dental implants offer patients the ability to regain their smile and provide an excellent alternative option to dental bridges and offer far superior stability. While the procedure for obtaining a dental implant does take longer than some of these alternative options that patients can opt for, the benefits associated with this particular option can help a patient gain a significant improvement in their smile – and, of course, their confidence. Dr. Amin Samadian is a professional dentist who is trained and highly experienced in a large number of dental procedures, from simple tooth extractions toward more complicated dental procedures, such as providing patients with accurate placement of their dental implants.

Why Dr. Amin Samadian Recommends Dental Implantation

Dr. Amin Samadian closely examines every patient who comes in with gaps in their smile. He thoroughly understands the impact that missing teeth can have on a person – not only does this issue lead with problems in the patient’s ability to properly chew their food, but it also leads to mental complications, such as a poor self-image and a loss of their confidence, especially in events where they have to smile. Once a patient comes in, Dr. Amin will take a close look at the missing gaps that may be present in their mouth in order to determine if the patient is a good candidate for a procedure like dental implantation. Dr. Amin recommends dental implants for patients in a number of cases – some of these important reasons may include:

  • With a quality dental implant, patients will find that their bite alignment is significantly improved, which can also lead to improved function of their teeth and their bite in general. This can make chewing easier and more effective – which is, after all, the very first step to digestion.
  • Implantation of a replacement tooth along with the anchor that is placed within the patient’s jaw can help to prevent further bone loss in the area. This technique can also help to prevent the need for partial dentures, which may also be fitted or might be required in the future when the open gaps in the patient’s bite are not corrected.
  • Dental implants are an effective alternative option to bridges and some of the other options that patients can gain access to when they have missing teeth.
  • Dental implants can effectively restore teeth in gaps within the patient’s mouth without causing issues with the surrounding teeth. This is a major advantage as with some procedures, such as dental bridges, the dentist will often have to work on surrounding teeth in order to place the dental appliance.
  • Since missing teeth can cause bite-related issues and also joint pain, a dental implant can also help to resolve these particular problems.
  • In some cases, facial tissues may also be enhanced or possibly restored through a dental implantation procedure.


Guided Dental Implants By Dr. Amin Samadian

In addition to being an experienced dentist who have performed hundreds of dental implantation procedures on his patients, Dr. Amin Samadian also utilizes state-of-the-art technology in his office in order to produce more successful results and provide his patients with a superior and more effective method when it comes to implanting replacement teeth into gaps within the patient’s mouth. Guided dental implantation is a procedure that Dr. Amin Samadian stands by – this type of procedure utilizes technology instead of freehand drilling and tooth placement during dental implants. The technology has become relatively popular in the modern world and is constantly advancing in order to provide top dentists with a better approach to implanting these replacement teeth. Dr. Amin Samadian utilizes XGuide technology for his guided dental implants. XGuide is currently one of the best guidance systems on the market and provides a significant enhancement in the accuracy and the safety of dental implantation procedures. With the XGuide system, Dr. Amin is able to gain a visual representation of the patient’s mouth – including their jaw and the position of all their teeth – on a display unit that is connected to his dental tools. The system will then thoroughly analyze the patient’s mouth – together with the XGuide technology, Dr. Amin is then able to quickly plan out his strategy for the dental implant. The use of this technology gives Dr. Amin an advantage over many other dentists that patients can opt for. Instead of having to spend hours planning out a strategy and then implementing the implantation process, many patients are able to come in and have the planning of their implant procedure done the very same day. This way, Dr. Amin can quickly get to work in order to create the appropriate space in the patient’s gum and jaw where the implant needs to be placed. In many cases where a patient comes into Dr. Amin’s office, they will be able to have the initial implantation procedure, where the anchor is placed into their gum, done on the same day of their visit. This is one of the major advantages that XGuide and guided dental implantation have to offer. Once this procedure has been performed, the next step is for the patient to go through a period of healing, where the implanted materials will settle into the patient’s jaw. This process is then followed by the implantation of the crown – the upper piece of the tooth that is being placed in the area where the anchor was placed.

What Makes Dr. Amin Samadian Different?

There are many dentists offering dental implants in the San Francisco Bay area, as well as dental implants San Ramon Danville Alamo. This makes it difficult for patients to know which dentist they should really trust with their smile – choosing the wrong dentist can easily lead to a smile with misaligned teeth. This can not only be a big disappointment but also lead to extra costs on the patient’s side. Dr. Amin Samadian is a well-known dentist in the San Francisco Bay area and has hundreds of patients who rely on his professional services in order to maintain their confidence in their smiles. He graduated dice from the University of the Pacific and the Tehran Azad University. Furthermore, Dr. Amin Samadian is also a graduate of the Arthur Dugoni School of Dentistry. He spent seven years in training at a top dentistry clinic. After completing his training, Dr. Amin took over a dental practice that was already well-established and further gained in experience. Today, he has served over 3000 local patients in the San Francisco Bay region and still continues to provide his services to new patients on a daily basis. Dr. Amin has also established DION Health, a healthcare system that offers patients access to a number of comprehensive dental services at affordable costs, ensuring those patients who are living on a budget can still gain access to the dental procedures and services they need to feel proud about their smile. Apart from running his own practice in the San Francisco Bay area, Dr. Amin Samadian is also an instructed at the Department of Integrated Reconstructive Services at the University of the Pacific faculty. He is also currently in the process of completing his MBA at the UC Berkeley HAAS School of Business, which will help him further advance his ability to provide professional health care systems to his patients. Patients who are interested in finding out how Dr. Amin Samadian’s guided dental implantation procedures can help to fill up gaps in their mouth and restore a beautiful smile are advised to get in touch with his office. Dr. Amin offers a free initial consultation to all new patients, where he will closely examine their mouth and look at the areas where the patient has lost some of their teeth. Dr. Amin will then be able to determine if the patient is an appropriate candidate for dental implantation services and will be able to schedule an appointment for the actual procedure based on the findings of the free consultation.

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I could not recommend Dr. Samadian more – AND all of his staff, at that! No longer will I mind or be afraid of going to the dentist.


Very informative, patient and sensitive to your needs. Very focused, and desires to ensure it’s done properly the first time.

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