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Over 35 million people in the United States have lost all their teeth on either the lower or upper part of their jaw. Whether a single tooth was lost or multiple teeth, this problem is known to cause great concern and can lead to a drastic change in a patient’s smile. The result is not only a physical change in appearance but can also extend to psychological complications, ultimately leading to poor self-esteem to the visibility of missing teeth in the patient’s mouth. Numerous options have been developed in the dental industry in order to restore the confidence of such patients by restoring the appearance of their smile. While bridges and crows are popular options, a large number of people are turning toward dental implants instead. Dental implants often provide a patient with a lifelong replacement for a missing tooth and, while initially more expensive than some of the alternative options available, offers a more cost-effective solution when the long-term is taken into consideration. Dr. Amin Samadian has multiple options available for patients who are in need of dental implantation services. In addition to cash and card payment options, patients are able to utilize the DEON Healthcare model that Dr. Samadian developed, along with the ability to undergo a dental implant procedure through the use of a medical insurance program.

The Use Of Dental Implants In Dentistry

The idea of using dental implants in areas where teeth have fallen out dates back to ancient times. It has been documented that the Mayans used a shell in order to try and replace a missing tooth – the discovery was made due to an archaeological finding, where it seemed like the shell was hammered into the location where the woman had a missing tooth. Today, the technology used to provide dental implant services to patients with missing teeth have advanced significantly.  It is estimated that at least three million American citizens have had dental implants in the past, and the number of people who undergo procedures for dental implants is increasing by approximately half a million each year. These statistics only apply to the United States. Dental implants are considered highly successful, with an estimated 98% success rate and a minimal risk of serious complications when the procedure is done by a trained and highly experienced dentist. Since Dr. Amin Samadian is highly experienced in dental implantation procedures and his offices are equipped with the latest technology to assist in the procedure, patients are exceptionally happy with the services that they are provided access to when they come to Dr. Samadian’s office.

How Does The Dental Implant Process Work?

Dental implants can take a while, as there is an entire process that needs to be followed. In most cases, the process is broken down into three different steps in order to ensure a successful procedure and to avoid potential complications, which can occur if the process is done in a short period of time. First, a planning phase is initiated when the patient decides that they would like to opt for a dental implant. During this phase, the dentist will use X-rays and other tools in order to create a model of the patient’s mouth. Once a model has been created, the dentist can further analyze the patient’s current state and determine what the best solution would be for them – such as whether or not a dental implant would be an appropriate option to restore their missing teeth. Once the planning phase has been completed, and the dentist finds that a dental implant is a good option for the patient, the next part of the process is to place the implant. During this process, an implant will be placed inside the jaw in the area where the patient is missing a tooth (or teeth). The process is conducted inside of the dentist’s office in most cases and will need some time to heal before the next step can be initiated properly. In many cases, the patient will have their next appointment for the placement of the synthetic tooth within six weeks following this particular procedure. The final step is for the dentist to place the replacement tooth into the jaw implant that was placed during the previous phase. The implant gives an appropriate foundation for the replacement tooth that needs to be attached to the patient’s jaw during this final step of the process.

How XGuide Helps To Improve The Success Rate Of Dental Implants

XGuide is considered a breakthrough in dentistry and many dentists who provide dental implants San Francisco bay area, as well as other regions, have started to implement this technology into their offices. This software is based on the latest technology in order to help dentists improve their ability to provide more accurate dental implants to their patients. The technology focuses on three specific purposes in order to enhance the overall success rate of dental implant procedures. Both accuracy and precision of the following three factors are essentially improved with the use of XGuide technology:

  • The depth of the implant
  • The angle of the implant
  • The position of the implant

While a dental implant surgical procedure is conducted, the XGuide software will provide the dentist with a 360-degree view of the drill that they are using. This way, the dentist will be able to have a live and accurate overview of the drill’s position, as well as the patient’s mouth. With this information on hand, the dentist will be able to place the drill at a much more appropriate position during the process of placing the implant into the patient’s jaw, as well as when it comes to creating the appropriate space for the replacement tooth to be added. XGuide does not only act as a guidance tool for dentists who conduct dental implantation surgical procedures. The software is equipped with detection tools and scripts that are able to identify the most appropriate position for a drill to be placed in the patient’s mouth. The software will analyze the patient’s mouth and create a 3D, 360-degree model. Once the model has been rendered, the software will show the dentist the precise location where the drill should be placed, and provide the dentist with accurate details on the angle and depth that they should drill. A marker will be displayed on the 3D model of the patient’s mouth during the procedure. The market will indicate the accuracy of the drill’s position using a colored circle. When the circle turns green, it means the dentist has the drill in the appropriate position. The circle will turn either yellow or red if the drill is not at the appropriate location, ensuring the dentist can stop the procedure and modify the position of the drill in order to provide more accurate placement of the replacement tooth that will be used. The company behind the XGuide software are promoting the technology as a GPS system, but just for a drill that a dentist uses in order to conduct a dental implantation procedure on a patient. The use of this technology is becoming increasingly popular, and we are sure to see more-and-more dentists, including those offering dental implants San Francisco bay area, patients the ability to undergo such procedures with the assistance of the XGuide technology.


Dental implants offer an effective way to replace the missing tooth and are known to promote regrowth in the area where the implant is placed. Different techniques have been introduced in order to provide more accurate implants of teeth, with XGuide being one of the most promising solutions. Dr. Amin Samadian is highly experienced in dental implants using XGuide technology in order to produce more accurate placement of the implants. For dental implants, San Francisco Bay area, as well as dental implants Orinda Layafetta Moringa (Lomarinda), contact Dr. Amin Samadian to find out what he can do for you. Send an email to office@amisamadiandd.com or call (925-254-2360) for more information.


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