Cone Beam CT Scan

Crystal-clear digital images

Traditional x-rays produce two-dimensional images. Cone Beam 3D, however, allows Dr. Amin Samadian to generate 3D images that offer incredible clarity and dimension while reducing your exposure to radiation compared to medical Cone Beam CT scan by a thousand folds. With Cone Beam CT scan 3D images, Dr. Samadian can see what your teeth and jaw bone look like in great detail and make the ideal treatment recommendations as a result.

What is a Cone Beam CT scan?

Unlike traditional x-rays, Cone Beam CT scan 3D imaging sends x-rays in a divergent cone shape. Then, computer algorithms design a 3D image from the data collected. This extremely advanced technology allows Dr. Amin Samadian to view the 3D image as well as its cross-sectional slices on a computer. 

Reasons for a Cone Beam 3D scan

Cone Beam 3D allows Dr. Amin Samadian to evaluate the quality of your jawbone before placing dental implants and pinpoint the most effective implant placement, providing an advanced diagnosis for his patients. It can also give him the opportunity to diagnose tumors and diseases in their early stages, see impacted teeth, and plan an entire treatment from start to finish. It shows the nerves, any pathology in the head and neck, sinuses, nasal cavity and much more information that critically helps Dr. Samadian to have a medically and dentally-integrated diagnosis and treatment planning model.

Integrated Art, Science, and Technology

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What does Cone Beam 3D involve?

The Cone Beam 3D process is very similar to the process of having traditional dental X-rays. You’ll sit down while a machine rotates around your head. The actual scan will only take about 15 seconds and you won’t have to do anything special to prepare for it except removing any jewelry, glasses, or hairpins.  

Is Cone Beam 3D painful?

There is absolutely no pain associated with Cone Beam 3D. Many patients report that it is quite comfortable because it offers an open environment and eliminates claustrophobic feelings. 

What results will I see?

Cone beam 3D can help Dr. Amin Samadian and you learn more about your oral health and design the ideal treatment plan for your unique needs. 

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