Smile Makeovers

Achieve a beautiful smile with a smile makeover

Do you hide your smile in public or avoid showing your teeth in pictures? You’re not alone. There are millions of people, all around the world who avoid smiling because they simply don’t like what they see when they smile in the mirror.*

Since smiling is an essential part of your everyday life, it’s important to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Luckily, with the progress of today’s technology and materials, Dr. Amin Samadian can perform a same-day smile in the Orinda, Moraga, and Lafayette areas to help you feel more confident.*

What are smile makeovers?

Smile reconstructions are a number of treatments that are performed to reconstruct your teeth and improve your overall oral health. Common treatments in a smile reconstruction plan include same-day crowns and veneers.*

Since your smile is unique, Dr. Amin Samadian will design a smile reconstruction plan to help you resolve your particular concerns and meet your specific goals.*

Am I a candidate for a smile makeover?

If you lead a busy lifestyle but would like to improve the function, comfort, and appearance of your smile, Dr. Amin Samadian may recommend same-day smile reconstructions. With smile reconstruction, you can replace damaged or missing teeth, straighten crooked teeth, strengthen tooth structure, and improve jaw function and health.*

Integrated Art, Science, and Technology

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What do smile makeovers involve? 

During a smile makeover in the Orinda, Moraga, & Lafayette area with our practice, Dr. Amin Samadian will perform a number of treatments to improve the function and appearance of your teeth. First, he will do a thorough smile mock-up so you can clearly see how everything will look at the end of the treatment and based on that you will decide what shape, color and proportions match your personality. After the mock-up is done, Dr. Samadian will take a 3D scan of your teeth and will generate your smile mockup with 3D printing technology. Then, he will prep your teeth and will take another scan of the prepped teeth. The smile that’s made by porcelain veneers using advanced software and the artistic touch of Dr. Samadian then is milled and custom colored. At the end of the session, he will deliver your new smile and will bond it to your teeth.*

Are smile makeovers painful?

Most patients report smile reconstruction treatment to be a comfortable procedure that comes with minimal pain and discomfort.* 

What results will I see?

After a same day smile procedure in the Orinda, Moraga, and Lafayette area, you can enjoy a smile that’s more functional and attractive. You’ll find that it brings back all of the tooth structure that you may have lost over the years.*

*Individual Results May Vary*

What Our Patients Say About Us

*Individual Results May Vary


I could not recommend Dr. Samadian more – AND all of his staff, at that! No longer will I mind or be afraid of going to the dentist.


It’s a completely transformative kind of practice…it was a terrific experience. 


Very informative, patient and sensitive to your needs. Very focused, and desires to ensure it’s done properly the first time.