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Smile rejuvenation often includes multiple procedures that need to be performed in order to help the patient achieve a smile that they can feel confident about. Unfortunately, most dentists will schedule these procedures throughout multiple sessions, which means the patient will not be able to achieve a complete transformation of their smile in just one or two settings. For many patients, this can be an inconvenient factor. Dr. Amin Samadian, preferred dentist for more than 3,000 patients in San Francisco Bay, has implemented the latest advancements in dental technology in his office. The result is the possibility of a same-day smile rejuvenation procedure, which he is able to offer a number of patients who come to his office to assist in improving their smiles and to help the patient experience the confidence that comes with a great smile.

How Does Same Day Smile Rejuvenation Work?

Same day smile rejuvenation is a service only offered by a very small number of dentists. Dr. Amin Samadian is one of the few who are exceptionally experienced to provide patients with these services. Before looking at how the procedure works, it is, however, important to consider the fact that not all patients will qualify for this procedure. For this reason, an examination of the patient’s smile is needed first. Dr. Amin Samadian will take X-rays of the patient’s smile and use a specialized device in order to create a 3D model on a display unit that represents the patient’s smile and bite alignment. The 3D model will help Dr. Samadian determine the specific procedures that he needs to perform to help the patient experience perfection in their smile. During this procedure, Dr. Samadian will also determine if the patient would qualify for the same day smile rejuvenation. There are cases where the patient will not be an appropriate candidate – the doctor will need to closely analyze the patient to know if the procedures that are required can all be done within the same day. If the patient qualifies for this procedure, Dr. Samadian will notify them, and the procedure can then be scheduled according to the availability of time slots on the dentist’s schedule. During the procedure, a number of different treatments may be initiated to assist in the restoration and rejuvenation of the smile. This may include the use of veneers. In some cases, crowns may also be used. The idea of these is to assist in restoring the structure to gaps that are present in the patient’s mouth. Open spaces between teeth also need to be corrected during these procedures. Furthermore, any chips that are present in the patient’s teeth will be filled and corrected by Dr. Samandian. The symmetry between the upper and the lower jaw are also considered and corrected as far as possible. If the patient has old fillings, Dr. Samadian may recommend replacing these fillings in order to restore the overall appearance of the teeth. Furthermore, gum reshaping may also be an advised procedure during the same day smile rejuvenation. This is an important part of enhancing a patient’s smile. In addition to these procedures, Dr. Samadian will usually complete the process with a thorough cleaning of the patient’s teeth. This can assist in removing any discolorations that are present on the teeth. Discolorations are often caused by coffee, smoking, and many other factors – discolorations are known to have a significant impact on a patient’s overall confidence. After the same day smile rejuvenation process has been completed, Dr. Samadian will provide a detailed list of instructions to the patient. It is crucial for the patient to adhere to all instructions that are provided to them closely. These instructions will ensure the patient can thoroughly care for the changes that were made in their smile. Proper dental hygiene will be required in order to prevent complications following the procedure and to ensure fillings, veneers, and other procedures conducted will last as long as possible.

What Are The Benefits Of Same Day Smile Rejuvenation?

The process of same day smile rejuvenation has a couple of benefits that a patient can take advantage of. The most significant benefit would be the fact that there is no need for the patient to come to Dr. Amin Samadian’s office multiple times to undergo a number of different procedures. Instead, everything is done in one sitting, reducing the time needed to provide the patient with a complete smile rejuvenation. Furthermore, the cost of a same day smile rejuvenation may also be lower compared to having to undergo multiple procedures during different settings. Since everything will be done in one day, the patient will not be provided with multiple bills, but rather with a single bill that only includes the procedures performed by Dr. Samadian.

Who Would Not Qualify For Same Day Smile Rejuvenation?

There are cases where a patient may not be able to undergo the same day smile rejuvenation procedure. In the majority of cases, this would account for a patient who requires dental implants. While the post could be implanted on the same day as the other procedures are conducted, the patient will have to wait for a couple of months before Dr. Samadian will be able to proceed with adding the replacement tooth to the post that he has implanted.

Get In Touch With Dr. Amin Samadian For Same Day Smile Rejuvenation

Patients who would like to undergo a same day smile rejuvenation procedure should contain the office of Dr. Amin Samadian to schedule their free consultation. It is important for a patient to book a consultation with the doctor to assist in determining whether the patient is an appropriate candidate for the same day procedure. Dr. Amin Samadian will be happy to provide top-quality care services to each patient and will carefully evaluate the problems that are currently affecting their smile. The dentist will then help the patient understand what he will need to do to thoroughly rejuvenate their smile – and provide the patient with details on whether a same day smile rejuvenation would be an appropriate procedure for them.

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